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Evo Visian ICL

Evo Visian ICL: The implantable lens and laser alternative

Few people who wear contact lenses do so gladly – no matter how soft and compatible the latest lens materials are. Constantly inserting, removing, cleaning, replacing them…and helplessly searching for them on the floor or elsewhere if they fall out – not easy when you can’t see without them! Then there’s the dust or fluff in your eyes – so frustrating. The most beautiful sandy beach becomes a nightmare if it’s windy, plus there’s always an unpleasant feeling of something strange in your eye. This is due not least to the considerable strain on our eyes from modern life and often wearing contact lenses far longer than recommended.

At Eye Clinic Munich, we now offer a swift and straightforward solution: a gentle procedure requiring little time that has proven itself thousandfold and resolves all the problems of glasses and contact lenses for good.

The EVO Visian ICL is a biocompatible lens that is placed between the iris and the natural lens of the eye in a minor, painless corrective procedure. It’s all over in only a few minutes. You will no longer need glasses or contact lenses and will see again as if there had never been a problem with your eyesight – what’s more, your UV light protection will be better than ever before. Your eye will not notice the implant.

Your vision will be so acute that you’ll immediately locate every conventional contact lens you ever lost – not that you’ll ever need to search for them again! Implantation can be performed either under a local anaesthetic applied with eye drops, or additionally under light sedation.

The goal is to make your poor eyesight history – for good. That’s certainly something to look forward to!

We are certainly delighted to be offering such a service.

Our experienced team at Augenklinik Marienplatz – Dr Tobias Neuhann, Raphael Neuhann and colleagues – looks forward to welcoming you.

EVO VISIAN ICL Specialists

Dr. Tobias Neuhann

Dr. Tobias Neuhann | FEBOS-CR

Senior eye surgeon

Augenchirurg Raphael Neuhann

Raphael Neuhann | FEBO

Senior eye surgeon

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Evo Visian ICL


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What is EVO Visian ICL?

Implantation of intraocular contact lenses (Visian ICL™) has become an established alternative to laser eye surgery. This special type of contact lens – EVO Visian ICL – is implanted in front of the natural lens, which is left in place. The contact lens therefore sits behind the iris and does an almost perfect job at compensating for the visual impairment.

The implantable contact lenses can correct short sightedness ranging from 0.5 to 20 dioptres, and long sightedness from +1 to +10 dioptres. It thus covers a wide range of dioptres and can even correct extremely poor vision. The implantation of an intraocular contact lens (EVO+ Visian ICL™) is highly compatible and can be reversed, moreover.

EVO Visian ICL keine trockene Augen

No dry eyes

EVO Visian ICL Schnelles Verfahren

Painless procedure & rapid recovery

EVO Visian ICL wieder entfernbare linsen

Can be removed again

Quality based on experience

Dr. Tobias Neuhann | FEBOS-CR

Dr Tobias Neuhann first began using these implantable contact lenses in patients in 1995, and in 1999 implanted the first toric ICL™ contact lens worldwide at Augenklinik am Marienplatz. Dr Neuhann thus has the longest experience of these implantable lenses – not only in Germany.

By June 2016, more than 600,000 ICLs had been implanted. Since April 2016, Dr Neuhann has been certified for the new ICL variant: the EVO+ Visian ICL. In March 2016, he implanted the first ever toric version of this EVO+ Visian ICL worldwide in one of the most important members of his own team.

How does EVO Visian ICL work?

EVO Visian ICL

Though the use of EVO Visian ICL is referred to as implantation, we prefer to describe it as a highly precise “keyhole procedure” – one that is minimally invasive, painless, and takes very little time.

Generally, implantations are mostly equated with major operations. That hardly applies here, given that the “biggest” incision is only about 2 mm long!

EVO Visian ICL is an innovative way to completely restore the eyesight – long-term, without noticing anything later.

This is achieved by individually determining the degree of visual impairment and preparing a wafer-thin lens which is biocompatible with any eye. It does not alter either the eye itself or its long-term capability and ensures permanently good vision. The minor procedure itself takes only a few minutes and is completely painless. The reactions of our patients show that any anxiety prior to the procedure is quickly forgotten: if anything, many of our patients only regret not opting for this progressive form of treatment sooner.

With 25 years’ experience of implanting ICLs, our medical team at Augentagesklinik Marienplatz can gladly explain all the options to you in more detail.

Evo Visian ICL
Example of the size of an EVO Visian ICLian ICL

What are the benefits of EVO Visian ICL?


The Collamer® lens is made of extensively tested collagen material which is biocompatible and tolerated exceptionally well.


The method is suitable for anyone aged 21 to 60 years. It offers long-term correction of short sightedness between -0.5 and -20.0 dioptres and long sightedness from +0.5 to +10.0 dioptres. In addition, it allows for compensation of corneal curvatures up to 6.0 dioptres.


EVO Visian ICL immediately delivers clear vision of the highest quality. This is accompanied by outstanding night vision while additionally increasing the UV protection for your eyes. The procedure does not cause dry eyes and is even suitable for patients with a thin cornea. This minor procedure lasts no more than 10 to 15 minutes in total.


If your eyes change in the future or new treatments are of interest to you, EVO Visian ICL leaves all options open! The treatment can be reversed.

Alternatives to EVO Visian ICL

The classic alternatives to EVO Visian ICL are the modern laser eye treatments such as Femto-LASIK, TransPRK or Smile. If the visual impairment is due not only to problems with vision but also to a dysfunctional natural lens, refractive lens replacement can also be considered. We can advise you during a consultation as to the options and the most appropriate solution. An appointment for a no-obligation consultation can be booked online.

EVO Visian ICL Video

Evo Visian ICL

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Information for patients


EVO Visian ICL and EVO Viva are suitable for correcting any classic form of visual impairment.

  • Short sightedness -1 to -20 Dioptres
  • Long sightedness +1 to +10 Dioptres
  • Astigmatism up to +/- 6 Dioptres
  • Presbyopia (EvoViva)

As with any other refractive procedure, your eyes should otherwise be healthy. Since an additional lens is placed in front of the natural crystalline lens and behind the iris, the front of your eye must be of a certain size. This is called the anterior chamber depth. It is quick and easy to measure during a consultation using a light-based scan. The conditions for implanting an EVO Visian ICL or EVO Viva can be summarised as follows:

  • Clear cornea
  • No accompanying eye diseases
  • Realistic expectations of the possibilities and limitations of the procedures


Screening & advice

We offer no-obligation consultations with either a specially trained, non-medical refractive consultant or a specialised doctor. This preliminary examination will include explanations of the possibilities and limitations of modern refractive surgery with a view to your visual impairment and the specific characteristics of your eyes. Aside from objective conditions, your expectations, lifestyle, sports, hobbies, and profession will play a decisive role, along with your general health. This consultation is followed by the main examination. If you wear contact lenses, you will need to go without them for two to four weeks prior to this examination. Your eyes will be checked again at this examination for any “hidden” diseases while also documenting any details necessary for treatment planning. Any final questions on the recovery process, risks, and side effects, can be discussed in detail at this point. A life without glasses is now within reach.

Augenklinik München Dr Neuhann am Marienplatz
Precise, no-touch measurement of the eyes prior to laser eye surgery

Surgical procedure

You will be treated as an outpatient at Augenklinik am Marienplatz. As fear inevitably plays a role when facing such a procedure, you will be supported by an experienced team of anaesthetists and nurses. You will be given some eye drops as a local anaesthetic followed by a mild sedative to help ease any anxiety or agitation and allow you and your surgeon to proceed calmly with the operation.

Firstly, a small side opening is made in the cornea. The front segment of the eye is then filled with a water-soluble, protective gel. This serves to protect the fine structures of the eye. The ICL, selected specially for you, is then inserted, and brought into position in the front chamber of the eye with the aid of a small injection system. The protective gel is then carefully rinsed out and a protective bandage is applied. And that’s it.

We would not usually operate on both eyes on the same day but leave an interval of about one day. You will be at the clinic for about two hours, while the procedure itself lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. You can rest afterwards in our relaxation room. The protective bandage will be removed the following day at your check-up appointment.

  • Creation of a small, self-closing opening of approx. 2 mm
  • Injection of protective gel into the front segment of the eye
  • Implantation and positioning of the EVO Visian ICL
  • Removal of the protective gel
  • Dressing
Leica Augen OP
Surgical microscope at Augenklinik Marienplatz

After ICL implantation & follow-up

You are likely to feel a little tired and drained after the procedure. It is therefore best to rest as soon as you get home. There may be a mild itching or burning sensation in your eye. Your eye may also be slightly watery. This is quite normal. Painkillers are not usually necessary. It is important to avoid exertion and to refrain from rubbing at your eye or the dressing. No eye drops are required while the dressing remains in place. The dressing will be removed by one of our team the following day, when your first eye test will take place. You will notice very quickly that the treated eye already offers much better vision than before without your glasses/contact lenses. Many patients find that their eyesight is already completely restored by the first day. Mostly, however, the visual impression is not perfect as the pupil will still be somewhat dilated. This can sometimes lead to a slight glare, which will fade over the course of the day.

  • Make sure to rest after surgery
  • Do not rub your eye or the dressing
  • Once the dressing has been removed, keep your eyes sufficiently moistened
  • Use the eye drops as recommended

Implantation of an EVO Visian ICL is one of the safest elective interventions in eye surgery. Nevertheless, there are risks and rare complications. It is important to know that almost all complications can be managed. Due to the low rate of complications, the procedure has been in use for over 25 years. Some of the most common complications are explained here.

The risk of overcorrection or undercorrection is very low and comparable to the risk of miscorrection from laser eye procedures, potentially playing a role only in very complex cases.

In rare cases, anatomical features (e.g. very poor eyesight) may necessitate replacement of the ICL, as it could be too small or too large. This is not noticed by the patient, nor is it harmful to the eye. We can gladly explain this to you in more detail during our consultation.

This risk is extremely low. Based on data from the most common eye operation (cataract), the risk amounts to about one in 16,000. Compared with cataract surgery, ICL implantation is even less invasive. This also explains why infection plays an insignificant role among the risks.

The early phakic lenses available at the start of the 1990s were occasionally found to cause premature clouding in the natural human lens. Continuous advancements in the materials and techniques employed mean that such a reaction occurs only very rarely. Excellent methods for treating cataracts are also available today, meaning that freedom from glasses or contact lenses is still achievable.

Personal EVO Visian ICL consultation

Not every procedure performed at Augenklinik am Marienplatz is equally suitable for all patients. We therefore hold a thorough consultation at the start of treatment to ascertain the circumstances, the chances of success, and the risks of the planned procedure. Together, we can find the best solution for giving you clear vision in the future.

Dr. Raphael Neuhann


Dr. Tobias Neuhann, FEBOS-CR

Dr. Tobias Neuhann
Eye Surgeon
Dr Tobias Neuhann has been medical director of Augenklinik am Marienplatz since 1998. His international reputation is founded primarily upon his pioneering work with implantable contact lenses (EVO Visian ICL). He is a highly acclaimed specialist in ophthalmology who carries the coveted additional European title of FEBOS-CR (Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology, Subspecialist in Cataract and Refractive Surgery).

Dr. Raphael Neuhann, FEBO

Dr. Raphael Neuhann
Eye Surgeon

In addition to his training in cataract & refractive surgery, he has worked tirelessly, together with his father, to continually modernise the diagnostic and laser facilities at Augenklinik Marienplatz. He also specialises in EVO Visian ICL (implantable contact lens) implantation.


Evo Visian ICL

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An ICL can be implanted in approx. 10 to 15 minutes under light sedation along with a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.

No, you will be asleep during the operation and the eye will be anaesthetised with eye drops. You will not even need painkillers after the operation. The eye may only burn or itch a little, a sensation that fades very quickly.

Your eyesight will be markedly improved in the first few days after treatment. You will merely need to “adjust” somewhat to your new vision. This will come naturally. We advise against returning to work within a week after surgery. Your eye will heal in about 6 to 8 weeks.

No. During the first week after surgery it is important to avoid rubbing your eyes, applying make-up, etc. to ensure the best possible conditions for recovery. If your eyes are itching or irritating you, you should apply the eye drops we have recommended.

During the first few weeks after surgery, you should avoid public swimming pools or extended periods of swimming of any nature. Once fully recovered, you can resume all the activities, sports, and hobbies you have always enjoyed. Perhaps even more now that you don’t need glasses or contact lenses!

You can drive again after a week. This does of course depend on your eyesight, though it will usually be fine even before that.

There is no “expiry date” on the EVO Visian ICL. The ICL material comprises biocompatible synthetic Collamer® developed for the human eye. The material does not go cloudy, alter, or stick. Some of our patients have had their ICLs for more than 20 years.

An ICL is usually only removed if the eye changes over time (due to ageing). This can occur, for example, if the natural lens starts to become cloudy. We can happily explain the details during our consultation.

Implanting an ICL is slightly more expensive than laser eye surgery. We can gladly advise you personally concerning the costs. The implant costs depend on the degree of visual impairment and whether corneal curvature is required, for example.



Had cataracts in both eyes, and the first appointment was great. Discussed all my questions about the operation and what lenses would be best for me in detail. Also have no complaints whatsoever about the procedure.

Roland Kammerl

Google Review


One of the best eye surgeons in Europe and the world.

Aksel Icli

Google Review


I’m over the moon that I got the recommendation. Thank you to Dr. Raphael Neuhann and his team. The window on the world I have since surgery gives me a crystal clear view and I can read without glasses again!!! Many many thanks!! I’m overjoyed. I hope this will give lots of patients encouragement.

Helma Kirschner

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